Joyful Connections - 8200 West State Route 163, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449


Families may be referred to Joyful Connections several different ways:
If you and your family are involved with the Ottawa County Juvenile Court, the Ottawa County Court of Domestic Relations, the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court or a court from another county and have been ordered to use Joyful Connections, the court or your attorney will make the referral to Joyful Connections. 
Sometimes families may be involved with a social worker, mental health professional or a child welfare agency,  In these instances, the agency you are involved with will make the referral to Joyful Connections. 
If you are not involved with any agency but would like to use the services of Joyful Connections, you may make a self referral.

Referral Form

Informational Booklet for Referral Sources